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Two-thirds of Russians say nuclear deal must stay

Staff Writer | February 4, 2019
Almost two-thirds of Russian citizens (63%) believe Moscow must undertake efforts to salvage the INF accord, but dismiss US accusations of Russia’s failure to comply with its provisions as unfounded (74%), a poll by the Russian Public Opinion Research Center reveals.
Russia   Most Russians know about the treaty
"Three-fourths of those surveyed have heard about the US plans to withdraw from the Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces Treaty.

Almost two-thirds of the respondents believe that Russia is in some way or another interested in maintaining the treaty (62%), and that is why the agreement must stay in place (63%).

Twenty-one percent of the polled Russians think the opposite," says the survey publicized on Monday.

Most Russians (84%, of whom 61% are not aware of the details) know about the treaty, and almost half of them (49%) think it is advantageous for both sides, while each third Russian national believes the INF Treaty offer the US more benefits.

As for Washington’s accusations that Russia had violated the agreement, most respondents (74%) call them unfounded.

Meanwhile, 66% of the polled Russians see Moscow’s counterclaims against the US for its failure to comply with the accord as rather justified.

Opinions are divided as to who is more committed to saving the INF Treaty, with 29% saying the two countries are equally concerned about this, compared to 33% who say Russia is more committed to seeing the treaty remain in place, while 10% say the US is more interested. As many as 15% of those surveyed believe neither side is seeking to maintain the treaty.