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Trump wants US astronauts back on Moon within five years

Christian Fernsby ▼ | March 27, 2019
The US has announced that it will put astronauts back on the Moon within five years “by any means necessary”.
America   Nasa had originally planned a manned mission by 2028
Nasa had originally planned a manned mission by 2028 but the deadline has been brought forward because, says Sky News, there are fears the US is falling behind in the space race and President Donald Trump wants a flagship project to boost his re-election bid.

Announcing the revised timetable at a meeting of the National Space Council in Alabama, Vice President Mike Pence said: “We're in a space race today, just as we were in the 1960s.”

Paraphrasing Neil Armstrong, the first man on the moon, Pence said: “It's time for the next giant leap.” He explained this involved “returning American astronauts to the Moon within the next five years by any means necessary,” establishing “a permanent presence on the Moon” and “preparing to put American astronauts on Mars”.