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Trump loses support among men very fast

Staff Writer | March 29, 2017
President Donald Trump's job approval rating among men has fallen seven percentage points over the last four weeks, from 51% in early March to 44%.
Trump support
New president   From 51% in early March to 44%
Meanwhile, his already low approval among women - currently 34% - has changed little, reducing the gender gap in approval of Trump to 10 points, down from 15 points four weeks ago.

Trump won the 2016 election in large part to strong backing from men, who supported him by 12 points over Hillary Clinton, according to exit polls.

Women supported Clinton by an equally large 12-point margin, resulting in the largest gender gap in election polling history.

Men have continued to support Trump at much higher levels than women since he became president.

But as his popularity is waning among the general public, he is beginning to lose support among subgroups across the board, including those who are more loyal to him.

These results are based on weekly averages of Gallup Daily tracking surveys, each encompassing more than 3,500 interviews with U.S. adults to allow for reliable analysis of subgroups.

For the week of March 20-26, an average of 39% of all Americans approved of the job Trump was doing as president, the lowest weekly average approval rating of his term.

The period included a personal low 36% three-day rolling average approval rating for Trump in March 24-26 interviewing, the first three days after Republicans were unable to pass legislation to repeal the Affordable Care Act.

Trump's job approval remains at 36% in the latest three-day rolling average.

President Donald Trump's job approval rating fell to 36% for the three-day period of March 24-26, following Republican House leaders' failed effort to pass a new healthcare bill that would have replaced the Affordable Care Act.

Trump's three-day reading prior to Friday's events was 41%. His previous low point was 37%, recorded March 16-18.

His highest reading was 46% in the week following his Jan. 20 inauguration, and he has averaged 42% for his term to date.

Trump's current 36% is two percentage points below Barack Obama's low point of 38%, recorded in 2011 and 2014.

Trump has also edged below Bill Clinton's all-time low of 37%, recorded in the summer of 1993, his first year in office, as well as Gerald Ford's 37% low point in January and March 1975. John F. Kennedy's lowest approval rating was 56%; Dwight Eisenhower's was 48%.