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Trump has very slim support among Republicans

Staff Writer | October 10, 2017
A new Gallup question gauging public support for Donald Trump's presidency shows how far Americans fall on either side of the divide.
America   Strong support, stronger opposition
While a strong majority of Democrats (73%) oppose almost everything Trump is doing as president and a slim majority of Republicans (53%) support most of his actions, neither Democrats' opposition nor Republicans' support is absolute.

Gallup asked 2,016 U.S. adults October 2-5, "How supportive are you of Donald Trump on a 100-point scale where zero means you do not support anything he is doing as president and 100 means you support everything he is doing as president?"

The average score among all adults is 43 - slightly higher than Trump's 39% job approval rating for the same four days of polling.

Reflecting the generally polarized nature of U.S. politics today, a majority either dislike most of what Trump is doing (43% give a score of 20 or lower) or support almost everything he's doing (22% give a score higher than 80).

About a third of Americans have relatively mixed feelings, neither strongly supporting nor opposing the Trump presidency.