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Temer gives army government powers in Rio de Janeiro State

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Staff Writer | February 17, 2018
With the signing of the federal intervention decree by the President of the Republic Michel Temer, the Armed Forces start managing the security system of the Rio de Janeiro State.
Braga Netto
Brazil   General Braga Netto
According to the Defense Minister, Raul Jungmann, the feeling of safety will be promoted with the support of the Armed Forces.

"What citizens will be able to feel and see is a much sounder social security system, a system with much closer coordination, with bigger operational capacity, much more integrated intelligence", he stated.

Temer appointed General Walter Souza Braga Netto as the federal intervenor. He will be in charge of producing a diagnosis of the public security crisis in the state, as well as pointing out strategic actions to be adopted together with local law enforcement agencies.

"In this period and area, General Braga Netto has government powers; not just commanding power ", explained Jungmann. Therefore, he can restructure, admit and dismiss agents. The decree authorizes the intervenor to "request, if necessary, financial, technological, structural and human resources from the Rio de Janeiro State".

The measure further integrates federal and local personnel, part of the State Public Security Secretariat, civil and military police bodies, as well as the Fire Brigade, who will be under Braga's command until December 31, 2018.

However, the "Armed Forces do not have the power of police, which remains with police officers", pointed out Jungmann. Before the intervention, a decree to ensure law and order (GLO) was in force.

With the intervention, new strategies will be established. The GLO anticipated actions such as sieges to drug dealers in communities, actions on roadways to curb cargo theft and sea blockade.