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Sweden's cities predicted to have coldest winter in five years

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Staff Writer | November 6, 2017
Sweden's big cities are about to face their coldest winter in five years, according to a meteorologist's new long-term prediction.
Sweden snow
Weather   Jet streams were predicted to split into two parts
SVT's Nitzan Cohen compiled data and studied atmospheric trends in order to assess the most likely weather between December and February. And the expert’s analysis suggests it'll be a winter of two halves for Sweden, similar to the one the country experienced in 2012-2013, The Local reportee.

With jet streams predicted to split into two parts, in the south there could be more snow and slightly chillier temperatures than recent years, while in the north, it could be a slightly milder winter than usual.

"It could get a bit colder than usual in the south and larger areas are likely to be covered in snow," he explained in his prediction.

"Inland in Norrland and in the hills there's always snow. But it will maybe be perceived as a bit milder," he added.

For a reminder of the winter Sweden experienced in 2012-13, a December blizzard caused transport havoc across the country, and even by March things hadn't improved much. â–