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Submarine San Juan: Three new contacts to be investigated

Staff Writer | December 25, 2017
The bad weather conditions in the search area of ​​the ARA San Juan in the South Atlantic prevented in the last hours to advance the investigation of a contact detected yesterday at 814 meters depth and two others that were added in the last hours, 700 and 500 meters deep.
ARA San Juan
Search and rescue   The bad weather conditions
In a new part released this afternoon, the Argentine Navy reported that "due to bad weather conditions in the area of ​​operations" could not advance in that task, and said that, for today, "winds are expected from 28 to 33 knots, increasing in the afternoon from 33 to 40 knots," that is, up to 74 kilometers per hour, which would cause waves of 3 meters in height.

One of them was detected by the ROV (remotely operated vehicle) Russian Panther Plu", which is on board the ARA Islas Malvinas, 814 meters deep.

Meanwhile, the other two were detected by the destroyer ARA Sarandi, one of them located 500 meters deep and the other 700 meters.