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Someone parked airplane in Madrid and left it

Staff Writer | January 23, 2019
Someone has parked an airplane at Madrid’s Adolfo Suárez Barajas airport and left it there.
Saicus Air
Europe   McDonnel Douglas MD-87
The McDonnel Douglas MD-87, an aircraft connected to a series of failed businesses, which is showing the toll of years of inaction, is currently sealed off on the airfield. It has not been moved for years, like a ghost made of aluminum, copper and titanium.

To find out if anyone wants to claim it, the director of Madrid-Barajas airport, Elena Mayoral, signed a notice this past Friday in the Official State Gazette (BOE) in which she reported the aircraft, its license plate EC KRV, and its “obvious state of abandonment.”

When a plane is stationed at an airport for an extended period of time and displays external signs of having been abandoned, the Aircraft Registration Registry of Spain's Air Security Agency (AESA) and the Central Property Registry are consulted to investigate whether there has been a change of ownership, and to locate the last registered owner, according to Spanish news agency EFE.

The last registered owner is sent an official request to pay the amount of the existing debt for the prolonged parking fee. If the amount due is not paid, procedures are initiated with the Spanish Tax Agency. These proceedings continue until the sum is voluntarily paid or the Tax Agency begins enforced collection procedures.

If the owner does not respond, or if it is discovered that they have disappeared three notices are published in the BOE in three consecutive months, each indicating the aircraft registration, the model and the brand, as well as its state of abandonment.

Once a year has passed since the last notice is published, the airplane is legally considered abandoned and can be put up for public auction.

According to the Spanish airport authority AENA, the McDonnell Douglas MD87 is currently the only abandoned aircraft at Barajas airport.