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Some link China to cyber attack on Australian Parliament

Staff Writer | February 12, 2019
The hunt for the perpetrators of a cyber attack on Australia's federal parliamentary computer network on Friay is continuing.
Scott Ryan
Australia   Senate President Scott Ryan
Security industry sources have told AAP it is possible China could be the source of the latest breach.

Senate President Scott Ryan told parliament it would be some time before the investigation would be completed, saying he could not yet attribute blame for the intrusion.

"It is important to understand the methods used by malicious actors are constantly evolving and no network, including the parliamentary computing network, is considered 100 per cent secure," Senator Ryan said on Tuesday.

But Senator Ryan stopped short of blaming the global superpower while the Australia Signals Directorate and the Department of Parliamentary Services investigate the hacking.

MPs and staff changed their passwords on security advice after last week's attack.

"I can assure the Senate this action was carried out as a standard security incident response procedure and precautionary measure to protect user access and information," Senator Ryan said.

"We have no evidence that this is an attempt to influence the outcome of parliamentary processes or to disrupt or influence electoral or political processes," the Parliament's presiding officers said in a statement.

"Accurate attribution of a cyber incident takes time and investigations are being undertaken in conjunction with the relevant security agencies."

The Australian Signals Directorate (ASD) is working to secure the network and says action was taken as soon as the breach was detected.