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Ship crews are using medieval siege tactics to fight off pirates

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Staff Writer | February 24, 2018
Some quick thinking by the crew of a Philippine-flagged cargo ship helped fend off a pirate attack last Friday after they used boiling water as a weapon against the pirates.
MV Kudos
Shipping   The MV Kudos was underway in the Celebes Sea
According to the Philippines Coast Guard, the MV Kudos was underway in the Celebes Sea about 5 miles south east of Sibago Island on February 16 when it came under attack by a group armed pirates.

After issuing a distress call, the Master of the vessel reported that during the attack the suspects attempted to board the vessel but they were driven off after the crew threw boiling water and oil at the attackers, causing the the pirates to open fire but retreat.

The Philippines Coast Guard responded to the incident and a medical team rendered first aid to one crew member who sustained injuries to one of his hands as the result of broken glass.

The MV Kudos has since been safely anchored in Davos City.