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Seven million American women of childbearing age live in counties with limited or no maternity care

Christian Fernsby ▼ | September 23, 2020
March of Dimes released a new report entitled Nowhere to Go: Maternity Care Deserts Across the U.S.
March of Dimes
Nowhere to Go   March of Dimes
The report, published with the support of partners at RB's Enfa portfolio of brands through our joint Better Starts for All initiative, finds that seven million American women of childbearing age, 35 percent of which are women of color, live in counties without access or with severely limited access to vital maternity care where 500,000 babies are born each year.

More than 2 million women live in maternity care deserts, counties with no access to maternity care, facing additional barriers to care.

Without access to routine, quality health care these moms and babies have an increased risk of serious health complications, including maternal and infant mortality and morbidity, as well as low birth weight and preterm.