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Scientists find volcano under Auckland

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Christian Fernsby ▼ | June 11, 2019
A volcano has been found under suburban Auckland, with experts rushing to find out whether it could erupt.
Scientists find volcano under Auckland
Australia   Dr Adrian Pittari confirmed the volcanic feature under the city
A team of earth scientists from the University of Waikato are waiting to learn if the volcano at Karaka, in the city's south, is dormant or extinct, reported.

The Karaka volcano was discovered in November 2018 when a landform at a local's home clashed with their development plans.

Dr Adrian Pittari from the University of Waikato's earth sciences department confirmed the volcanic feature.

'What was discovered last year was a land form and there were quite a few lines of evidence to indicate a volcanic feature there,' Dr Pittari told the publication.

'With these volcanos, a lot of the area in Franklin is covered by several metres of sediment a big blanket of material. The volcano at Karaka was covered by this material and there was no [visible] volcanic fragments.'

His team came across the volcano and were able to confirm its existence after they drilled a hole into it.

The volcanic field has been confirmed as a potential risk because it is situated in between the south Auckland volcanic field, which is extinct, and the Auckland volcanic field.