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Samoa government: 5G does not cause coronavirus. And we don't have 5G

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Christian Fernsby ▼ | April 8, 2020
The Samoan Government has stepped in to protect critical telecommunication lines as false news stories on social media linking a wireless mobile technology with the spread of the coronavirus build momentum.
Samoa street
Samoa   Street
This is despite the fact that the particular technology, 5G or Fifth Generation, is not actually available in the island nation.

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The baseless theory which has been widely denounced by scientists and academics, alleges that Chinese citizens were given vaccines containing a "digitised" virus able to be activated by 5G mobile technology, allowing governments to kill people remotely. There is no such thing as a digital virus.

The Government's concern with its locals believing the baseless articles has prompted it to issue a press release reassuring locals there are no links between the spread of the virus and 5G.

The misinformation is being spread widely via social media and further inflamed by celebrities and influencers who support the baseless theories that link a wireless communication line with the spread of a respiratory virus.

The Samoan Government statement says that in light of the untrue videos and articles being distributed online, the Office of the Regulator wants to make clear there is no link between 5G and the virus.

"In addition to this, 5G has not been launched in Samoa and therefore there is no equipment in operation," it said.