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Ryanair Boeing makes emergency landing in Bucharest

Christian Fernsby ▼ | January 22, 2020
A Ryanair Boeing 737-800 had to return to its departure airport yesterday as the cabin was filled with smoke.
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The aircraft, already a replacement for the scheduled service, landed safely back at Bucharest Otopeni Airport in Romania.

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Passengers were unharmed and subsequently picked up by a different Ryanair plane.

The Aviation Herald has reported today on an incident in Romania involving a Ryanair aircraft.

The floight, FR-1006, was due to leave Bucharest at 06:40 this morning, heading to London Stansted Airport.

However, due to difficulties with the assigned aircraft, passengers had to wait for a replacement aircraft, EI-EVH, to be prepared to take them.

Conditions in Bucharest are pretty cold at this time of year, with temperatures that early in the morning hovering at around -4°C so the aircraft needed to be de-iced before it could make the journey.