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Russian military ship collides with foreign reefer in Danish waters

Christian Fernsby ▼ | September 25, 2020
A Russian military ship collided with a refrigerator vessel carrying the flag of the Marshall Islands in Danish waters, the Russian Defense Ministry has said.
Russian Kazanets
Collides   Russian Kazanets
The Russian navy vessel, a small anti-submarine ship named Kazanets, was traversing the Baltic strait zone between the Baltic Sea and the North Sea, the ministry's broadcasting service Zvezda reported, adding that visibility had been poor.

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The hull of the Russian ship suffered a hole above the waterline, though there were no casualties among its crew, it said.

Kazanets is currently returning solo to the port of Baltiysk. A commission from the Baltic Fleet has been tasked with clarifying the reasons and circumstances behind the accident, Zvezda said.