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Robots keep Italian hospital staff safe from coronavirus

Christian Fernsby ▼ | April 5, 2020
Robots are helping medical workers in Italy reduce the risk of coronavirus infection.
A robot in an Italian hospital
Technology   A robot in an Italian hospital
The country is one of the worst-hit by the virus.

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Six robots at a hospital in the northern region of Lombardy will help workers reduce direct contact with patients and save protective gear like face masks.

The robots are remotely controlled and are equipped with cameras to enable doctors to check on patients.

They can keep track of metrics such as patients' breathing, blood pressure and heart rate.

The robots can also have simple chats with patients.

More than 9,500 healthcare workers have contracted the virus in Italy.

About 124,000 people have been confirmed infected in the country, which has the world's highest coronavirus death toll at over 15,000.

A doctor at the hospital says staff members are pleased with the work of the robots because they reduce the risk of hospital-acquired infection.