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Rare giant diamond found in Western Australia's diamond mine

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Christian Fernsby ▼ | April 24, 2019
A western Australian mine to be decommissioned next year revealed on Tuesday it produced one of the largest diamonds in its history in March.
Argyle Octavia
Australia   The 28.84-carat octahedral-shaped stone named Argyle Octavia
The 28.84-carat octahedral-shaped stone named Argyle Octavia was uncovered at the Argyle mine in Australia's Kimberley region.

The finding could be the last of significance for the mine which will be closed in 2020, and in its operational history, the mine has produced over 90 percent of Australia's diamonds.

"We don't see many this shape or color, or that clarity, generally out of the mine," Argyle's General Manager of operations Andrew Wilson told the national broadcaster.

"We've probably seen 20 of those in the last 36 years of operations, of the plus-20-carat size."

Now the stone will travel to Antwerp city of Belgium where it will be sold uncut, although the company is yet to name a price.

"Let's hope there's somebody who's got a passion for West Australian Argyle diamonds," Wilson said.