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Power restored to Panama’s main airport, flights resumed

Staff Writer | September 20, 2017
Electric power was restored to Tocumen International Airport, Panama’s leading air terminal with important connections throughout the region.
Tocumen International Airport
Air travel   Tocumen International Airport
It is now attempting to get operations back to normal after hours without electricity caused flights to be delayed and even canceled.

In a statement, the Tocumen administration said that “several flights are getting ready to take off,” and recommended that “passengers call their airlines to reschedule their departure from the country.”

Monday morning the air terminal was packed, particularly with travelers in transit, who began to get desperate after spending hours in the dark and in the oppressive heat caused by the lack of air conditioning.

“The airport administration together with the airlines take responsibility for providing lodging in hotels, meals and transporting passengers whose flights have been canceled,” Tocumen said in a statement.

Earlier in the morning the Tocumen administration said that power was suspended “due to a failure in the internal distribution circuits, which stopped the power plant from working in the terminal area.”

EFE observed that the outage started around 7:00 am Monday and that after 9:30 am the power partially returned, but only for a few minutes.