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Poland will not accept migrants if there is no verification process

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Staff Writer | June 20, 2017
Poland's deputy defence minister has said the country will not accept refugees as part of a European relocation scheme if there is no verification process in place.
Michał Dworczyk
Immigrants   A procedure against Poland
“Until we have a mechanism to verify people who can settle in Poland, we will not accept them,” deputy Defence Minister Michał Dworczyk has said.

On Wednesday, the European Commission formally launched a procedure against Poland, the Czech Republic and Hungary in connection with the “failure” of these countries to resettle refugees.

“Determining the identity of people when it is not known where they have come from is not a simple matter,” Dworczyk said.

“In some cases, we are unable to verify who these people are and what their intentions are. And if there is a shadow of a doubt, it is the duty of every state, including Poland, to ensure the safety of its citizens,” he added.

Poland has not accepted any refugees as part of an EU programme to relocate asylum seekers residing in camps in Italy and Greece.

Poland's ruling Law and Justice party has voiced opposition to the EU redistribution plans.