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Pentagon says it has rules for shooting down civilian drones

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Staff Writer | August 8, 2017
The Department of Defense has approved a policy that allows military bases to shoot down unauthorized drones in their airspace, according to the Pentagon.
shooting down civilian drones
Security   The new guidance
A Pentagon spokesperson confirmed the policy's existence to UPI but offered no further comment because it is classified.

The policy was distributed in the last several weeks in response to growing concern among military commanders.

"The new guidance does afford the ability to take action to stop these threats and that includes disabling, destroying and tracking," Navy Capt. Jeff Davis told reporters this morning.

Davis told reporters the policy had been sent out to military installations in July and covered the rules of engagement concerning private drones.

He added that the policy had been coordinated with the Federal Aviation Administration and other agencies, and what measures would be taken to stop drones in restricted airspace "will depend upon the specific circumstances."