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Paris readies for floods as Seine surges higher

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Staff Writer | January 27, 2018
Riverside homes and businesses in Paris are on high alert as the swollen River Seine threatens to overflow its banks.
Paris flood
Weather   The water level is at least 4m above its normal level
Some basements in the city have already sprung leaks after the river surged following heavy rainfall, reports said.

The Seine is forecast to swell even further this weekend, adding several metres of water above its normal level.

Many roads in the region are already waterlogged. Boat traffic - including the capital's famous tourist cruises - has also been interrupted.

The water level in the river is expected to peak at around 6m, which is at least 4m above its normal level.

A busy commuter train service, the RER C, has been suspended until next week, the Louvre museum has closed a lower level, and in the suburb of Villeneuve-Saint-Georges, flooding forced some residents into boats to move along the roads.

The flooding is also forcing movement of another city resident - the rat population.

Rodents are being flushed out of the Parisian sewers, media outlet France 24 reports - making the city's rat infestation much more visible than usual.