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Panama delivers free food to one million citizens

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Christian Fernsby ▼ | April 2, 2020
Panama delivered free food to one million low-budget people and those who lost their livelihoods due to coronavirus, President Laurentino Cortizo said.
Laurentino Cortizo
President   Laurentino Cortizo
Panama Solidario (Solidarity Panama) is the Government's program that organizes a nationwide logistics to take a bag of rice, pastas, oats, canned meat, milk and other products to people's home in impoverished rural areas, indigenous communities and marginal urban neighborhoods, the president explained.

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Another assistance program consists of giving low-income people and those who lost their jobs a checkbook worth 80 dollars to buy food and medicines, as financial assistance for families to palliate the situation created by the forced quarantine.

The president explained that prior to the beginning of the reorganization of the national economy, the 'day after' team was created to study what to do when the pandemic is over to boost the economy again.

He stressed that for now, in order to deal with the crisis, there will be a bank moratorium until June on the payment of mortgages, car credits, credit cards and other debts to banks. Likewise, basic services (water, electricity and communications) will not be cut off to those citizens who cannot afford them.