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Pacific Gas and Electric restores 57% or 556,400 of customers

Christian Fernsby ▼ | October 29, 2019
Pacific Gas and Electric Company reported Monday evening that it had restored approximately 57% of the 970,000 customers who had their power turned off for safety as part of a Public Safety Power Shutoff that began October 26.
Pacific Gas and Electric
America   Pacific Gas and Electric
About 556,400 customers had been restored.

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Pacific Gas and Electric is closely following another potentially widespread dry, offshore wind event on Tuesday, Oct. 29, through midday Wednesday, Oct. 30.

The shutoff is expected to impact approximately 596,000 customers in for Northern and Southern Sierra, North Bay, Bay Area, Santa Cruz mountains, North Coast and Kern County.

Given fluctuations in the forecasts, PG&E continues to analyze whether this wind event will prompt more safety shutoffs, and the extent of those shutoffs.

October 1, 2019