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Plans for first digital TV station in Kiribati
digital TV station in KiribatiMay 1, 2018 ET
There are plans to provide Kiribati with its first digital television station, including the country\'s only local channel.
Diesel driving bans to hit 1st German city
Diesel carsMay 1, 2018 ET
The state government of Baden-Wuerttemberg is pressing ahead with plans to ban older diesel vehicles from entering its capital of Stuttgart, a spokesperson for the regional transport minister Winfried Hermann told the press.
North Korea will merge time zones with South starting May 5
Korea time zoneApril 30, 2018 ET
North Korea will synchronize its time with South Korea as early as this week, Pyongyang announced.
Democrats lose ground with young voters, says Reuters/Ipsos poll
young votersApril 30, 2018 ET
Enthusiasm for the Democratic Party is waning among young voters - so-called millennials - as its candidates head into the crucial midterm congressional elections, according to the Reuters/Ipsos national opinion poll.
Eight journalists among dozens killed in Kabul media-targeted blasts
Kabul blastsApril 30, 2018 ET
Two blasts hit the Afghan capital Kabul on Monday, killing at least 25 people, including at least eight journalists.
Smoke in cockpit prompts plane to make emergency landing at Halifax airport
Halifax airportApril 30, 2018 ET
A Fredericton-bound Air Canada flight had to turn around and make an emergency landing in Halifax Sunday after the pilot noticed smoke in the cockpit.
Three killed in cargo plane crash near oil field in Libya
cargo plane crashApril 30, 2018 ET
Three crew members including the pilot were killed and another wounded when a cargo plane exploded minutes after taking off from Sharara oil field in southwestern Libya on Sunday.
French court: You may show middle finger to speed radar
speed radarApril 30, 2018 ET
It is not possible to offend a machine, a court has ruled after prosecutors recommended a motorist who gave two speed cameras ‘the finger’ face a prison term of up to four months.
French museum discovers half its artworks are fake
Étienne TerrusApril 30, 2018 ET
An art museum in the Pyrénées-Orientales has discovered that up to half of its exhibited paintings are fakes, with the fraud estimated to be worth €160,000 to the local mairie.
More than 70 wildfires scorched 187,000 hectares in Russia
Far East fireApril 29, 2018 ET
More than 70 wildfires scorched 187,000 hectares in the Far East over the past day, with the most difficult situation seen in the Amur Region, the Federal Forest Fire Center reported.
Dozens hospitalized as Myanmar battles week-long landfill fire
Myanmar landfill fireApril 29, 2018 ET
Firefighters in Myanmar scrambled to put out a fire in a massive garbage dump on the edge of its largest city, Yangon, as foul-smelling smoke from the burning trash that injured dozens extended into its second week on Saturday.
UN releases first displacement tracking results on Venezuelan flows in Brazil
Venezuelans BrazilApril 28, 2018 ET
Most Venezuelans interviewed (over two thirds) crossing Brazil’s northern border are between the prime working ages of 25 and 40 years old and nearly two thirds are men.
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