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Pakistan's Gwadar port possible future Chinese military base
Gwadar portJune 8, 2017 ET
China is looking to expand its military ports in countries with which it has a longstanding friendly relationship and similar strategic interests, such as Pakistan, a report by the Pentagon has said.
Britain votes in most crucial general election in a generation
Britain electionsJune 8, 2017 ET
Early risers and people on their way to work were among the first to cast their votes Thursday in what has been described as Britain's most crucial election for decades.
Trump reportedly thinking about solar panels on border wall
Donald TrumpJune 7, 2017 ET
U.S. President Donald Trump reportedly pitched putting solar panels on his proposed wall on the U.S.-Mexico border, according to Politico and Axios.
France's Macron creates new counter-terrorism body
Emmanuel MacronJune 7, 2017 ET
At a defense council held in Paris on Wednesday, French President Emmanuel Macron decided on a new body.
Canada plans 73 percent defense spending boost over next decade
Harjit SajjanJune 7, 2017 ET
Canada, under pressure from Washington to boost military spending, said it planned to increase its defense budget by nearly three quarters over the next decade as it buys new jets and ships.
UAE bans sympathy for Qatar, introduces prison terms for offenders
Hamad Saif Al ShamsiJune 7, 2017 ET
The United Arab Emirates (UAE) Wednesday banned any show of sympathy with its estranged Gulf neighbour Qatar and threatened offenders with jailing for up to 15 years.
Many Canadians will sacrifice retirement and paying down debt to renovate their home
Canadians home repairJune 7, 2017 ET
Many Canadians are making financial sacrifices to complete home renovations this summer.
Russian passes bill on blacklists of aggressive passengers
AeroflotJune 7, 2017 ET
The State Duma has passed a bill allowing Russian airlines to create blacklists of passengers exhibiting aggressive behavior during the flights, in the second reading.
U2, Rolling Stones business rep called to Dutch tax haven committee
Rolling StonesJune 7, 2017 ET
The Dutch business representative of U2 and the Rolling Stones is one of the witnesses invited to appear before a parliamentary committee on the Netherlands’ role as a tax haven, which starts hearing evidence on Wednesday.
Conservatives back business on final day of UK campaigning, Britain to bolster security
Tim FarronJune 7, 2017 ET
British Prime Minister Theresa May made a pitch to small businesses on Wednesday, the final day of campaigning as pundits and pollsters gave mixed predictions on the outcome of the snap election.
Russia preparing to create ‘antimissile umbrella’ to shield entire territory
Russian armyJune 7, 2017 ET
Russian Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin stated on Wednesday that the country plans to open an antimissile ‘umbrella’ over its whole territory.
U.S. Education Secretary defends proposed $9bn education cut
Betsy DeVosJune 7, 2017 ET
Education Secretary Betsy DeVos faced some intense questioning on Capitol Hill on Tuesday about President Donald Trump's goal of cutting $9 billion from the department.
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