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102 Yellow Vests arrested in France as protests continue
Yellow VestsSunday January 13, 2019 5:17AM ET
At least 102 Yellow Vest protestors were arrested on Saturday in the French capital Paris, where the police officers used tear gas and water cannon on the protestors.
US government shutdown longest ever, national park visitors cut down protected Joshua trees
Joshua Tree campingSaturday January 12, 2019 4:22PM ET
The partial shutdown of the US government has become the longest ever, with no end in sight.
4 dead in largest snowstorm in St. Louis since 2014, major travel disruptions across central US
St. Louis, Mo.Saturday January 12, 2019 3:08PM ET
Snow is snarling travel across the central United States as a winter storm pummels the region.
Magnetic north pole changing fast, scientist can't react thanks to Trump's shutdown
compassSaturday January 12, 2019 2:28PM ET
Something strange is going on at the top of the world. Earth’s north magnetic pole has been skittering away from Canada and towards Siberia, driven by liquid iron sloshing within the planet’s core.
Monster storm to cover more than half of US with snow
snowSaturday January 12, 2019 5:51AM ET
A massive storm hit the U.S. Rockies and Plains on Friday with snow set to assault a 1,800-mile (1,609 km) corridor through the weekend.
9 injured after gas explosion rocks bakery in central Paris
bakery in central ParisSaturday January 12, 2019 5:45AM ET
A powerful explosion badly damaged a bakery in central Paris on Saturday, injuring several people and smashing nearby windows after a suspected gas leak.
Whirlwind injures 16, damages hundreds of houses in Indonesia
Sutopo Purwo NugrohoSaturday January 12, 2019 5:31AM ET
A total of 16 people were wounded and hundreds of houses were damaged as whirlwind struck West Java province in western Indonesia.
UN injects $32 million into Yemen anti-starvation campaign
Children in YemenSaturday January 12, 2019 4:42AM ET
The United Nations ostepped up its battle against starvation in Yemen with a 32 million U.S. dollar transfer of funds from its Central Emergency Response Fund (CERF) to the humanitarian relief effort.
Mexico City pipeline hit by 'sabotage' amid crackdown on fuel theft
Andres Manuel Lopez ObradorSaturday January 12, 2019 4:42AM ET
A major fuel pipeline that supplies Mexico City remained closed after two ruptures in a single day, President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador said.
Fuel tanker explosion in Nigeria kills 12
tanker explosionSaturday January 12, 2019 4:24AM ET
At least 12 people were killed and 20 others critically injured late Friday when a fuel tanker exploded in Nigeria’s Cross River State.
NATO and EU hail Macedonian parliament's name change move
SkopjeSaturday January 12, 2019 4:23AM ET
NATO and the EU welcomed the Macedonian parliament’s approval of a constitutional amendment to change the country’s name to Republic of North Macedonia.
Thanks Trump: Miami airport to close terminal early as TSA screener absences rise
Miami InternationalFriday January 11, 2019 2:14PM ET
As a precautionary measure due to uncertainties created by the lapse in federal government funding, some passengers at Miami International Airport may experience changes to their security checkpoint and departure gate this weekend.
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