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Oil tanker collides with cargo ship in English Channel

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Staff Writer | July 2, 2017
An oil tanker carrying 38,000 tons of hydrocarbon fuel has collided with a cargo ship in the English Channel, which separates northern France from southern United Kingdom, authorities said Saturday.
Oil tanker cargo ship
Shipping   Some 33 kilometers off the coast of Dunkerque
The vessels, both registered to Hong Kong, collided at around 3:00 am local time in British waters, some 33 kilometers (20 miles) off the coast of Dunkerque, in France.

French and UK response teams were deployed to the area to assess the damage.

The collision involved the 183.2 meter (601 foot) Seafrontier tanker and the 225 meter Huayan Endeavour.

Authorities said the Seafrontier was currently in a controlled drift and the Huayan Endeavour had the capacity to continue navigating.