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Officials arrested for oil sabotage in Venezuela

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Staff Writer | June 28, 2018
Attorney General, Tarek William Saab, announced the arrest of 11 officials of Petroleos de Venezuela (PDVSA), linked to alleged sabotage actions that caused losses of $14 million to the country.
Tarek William Saab
LatAm   Attorney General, Tarek William Saab
At a press conference broadcast by Venezolana de Television, the head of the Public Prosecutor's Office informed that the detainees were working at the Jose Antonio Anzoategui Crude Oil Storage and Shipping Terminal, in the northeastern region of the country, and affected the operation of joint ventures of the Orinoco Oil Belt.

Saab explained that on June 14, those responsible for the Operational Coordination of the Belt and the Improvement Division incurred the crime of negligence in improperly planning the discharge and distribution of naphtha (a mixture of hydrocarbons).

The criminal action led to the cessation of supply of the additive to two companies operating in the Carabobo state division, and for that reason, they stopped producing 175,000 barrels of oil, with an economic damage amounting to $11.3 million.

Also, between June 16 and 17, serious mistakes were made in the loading of two vessels, Aries Sun and Nerissa, which had to move 400,000 barrels of Zuata 300 crude and 1.8 million barrels of Merey crude, respectively, stated the Attorney General.