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Obama gets more credit than Trump for improved economy

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Staff Writer | January 19, 2018
Americans are split on how much President Donald Trump is responsible for improvements in the U.S. economy over the past year.
Barack Obama
America   Trump has boasted in tweets but...
49% are crediting him at least a moderate amount, and 50% crediting him not much or not at all.

The public is slightly more likely to give Trump's predecessor, Barack Obama, credit - 56% say he deserves a great deal or a moderate amount versus 41% not much or none at all.

Trump has boasted in tweets over the past several months about record growth in the stock market, declining unemployment and robust gross domestic product growth.

Critics of the president have countered that positive economic developments were already occurring during Obama's presidency and are the result of Obama's economic policies.

Given these countervailing narratives, the current question asks Americans how much credit for economic improvements they give to Trump and how much they give to Obama.

Most Americans tend to favor either Obama or Trump when giving credit for economic improvement.

Only 17% say both men deserve at least a moderate amount of credit, while another 10% say neither does. The vast majority either give Obama credit but not Trump (39%) or give Trump credit but not Obama (31%).

As would be expected, the differences in views of how much credit Americans give Obama and Trump are closely tied to politics.

Republicans are far more likely to give Trump a great deal or moderate amount of credit (83%) than to give it to Obama (18%).

Democrats are far more likely to credit Obama (90%) than Trump (21%).