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Not even Belarus’ state TV supports Lukashenko

Christian Fernsby ▼ | August 20, 2020
Hundreds of employees of state television have gone on strike amid a rising tide of protests, calling for his resignation after a vote the opposition saw as rigged.
President Alexander Lukashenko
Belarus   President Alexander Lukashenko
The journalists help further erode President Alexander Lukashenko’s grip.

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Vyacheslav Lomonosov, one of Belarusian TV employees who joined the labor action, said he and his colleagues could no longer tolerate an official ban on reporting the truth about a brutal crackdown on protests that has stoked international outrage.

“There are people killed, raped, thousands are protesting, while they’re saying everything’s fine in the country and nothing is going on,” he said. “It can’t be like that, people need to get the truth from TV.”