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New fire extinguished on oil tanker off Sri Lanka

Christian Fernsby ▼ | September 9, 2020
A new fire on the large oil tanker drifting off Sri Lanka's coast was extinguished after burning for two days.
MT New Diamond
Coast   Off Sri Lanka
A new blaze broke out on the MT New Diamond on Monday. Officials have warned of enormous environmental damage to Sri Lanka's coast if the ship, which was carrying nearly two million barrels of crude oil, leaks or explodes.

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"The fire has now been brought under control and the ship is being towed by a tugboat out to sea," said Sri Lanka navy spokesperson Indika de Silva.

Sri Lanka's air force said the week-long fire had damaged much of the Panamanian-registered New Diamond's super structure, as well as the engine room and living quarters.

While the cargo of 270,000 tonnes of crude oil was unaffected, some of the 1,700 tonnes of diesel fuel had leaked into the Indian Ocean, creating a half-mile slick visible from the air.