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Myanmar: Arakan Army attacks vessel carrying heavy machinery

Christian Fernsby ▼ | December 3, 2019
Arakan Army attacked the landing craft Marine Princess carrying heavy machineries including bulldozers for Paletwa-Zorinpui Project on Kalatan River, Rakhine State, at night of November 30th.
Machineries vessel
Sea incident   Machineries vessel
They seized cell phones and money of the crew members, according to the announcement of the Office of the Commander-in-Chief of Defence Services (C-in-C) released on December 1st.

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The landing craft Marine Princess carrying heavy machineries arrived in Kyauktaw Township from Sittwa, Rakhine State, on November 25th and it departed from

yauktaw Township to Paletwa on November 29th. However, the vessel stopped near Mrauktaung village in Kyauktaw Township due to the engine failure.

Later, it moved onto the Paletwa in the morning of November 30th but AA fired on the vessel and seized the crew members.

And them, they investigated the crew and took their hand phones and cash about Ks 300,000, according to the military announcement.

The announcement also reported that AA shooting destroyed the ferry and some equipments of the bulldozer.

The C-in-C Office said that the officials who sent the heavy machineries for the project went to the area without permission of the security forces.

AA aims to destroy the regional development tasks, Paletwa Bridge Project and Paletwa-Zorinpui Project.

So, they attacked the ferries on March 16th and November 22nd.

Now, they not only make more attacks but also arrested the crew members by force and took the crew members’ cell phones and money, according to the military report.

At present, military columns are now carrying out the security tasks. â–