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More medical help needed for Vanuatu's volcano evacuees

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Staff Writer | October 3, 2017
Some $250,000 worth of relief supplies from New Zealand has landed in Vanuatu, but a local hospital warns more medical staff are needed.
Vanuatu volcano evacuees
Pacific   5200 people
It's estimated there are more than 5200 people registered in 36 evacuation centres in the provincial centre of Luganville, a town with a population of about 14,000.

The final boatload of evacuees from Ambae island is expected to arrive later this afternoon.

The superintendent at the local hospital, Andy Ilo, said its resources were being tested.

He said the maternity ward in particular was at 72 percent capacity and all other wards were all already half full.

He said normally the wards were no more than 30 percent full.

"We will need more number of doctors and we've got assurance that five are already on their way so we'll have 10 extra doctors.

"On the nurses, we have talked with the Penama provincial health administrators that we have our nurses from Penama who have come in with their patients and their relatives."