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More delays in Canadian airports due to safety measures

Staff Writer | August 7, 2017
Canadian airports increasingly spend more money in extraordinary safety measures and at the same time, waiting times of passengers grow, a study of CBC News reveals.
Toronto airport
Air travel   Specialized staff
At least air terminals of Toronto and Vancouver currently pay millions of dollars to hire added specialized staff but delays will increase in the next months unless authorities seek long term solutions to face this insufficiency, one of the main causes of customers' dissatisfaction.

Depleting 2017 federal budget from $29 to $19 million guarantee travelers' scrutiny in spite of user volumes increase and a raise in the wages of officers who are in charge of applying controls.

Around 72 percent of passengers in Toronto Pearson air terminal passed safety review in 10 minutes last year, which means that about three million people waited more than 15 minutes and some of them around an hour to end such process, according to CBC's inquiry.

Hired companies by the Canadian Air Transport Security Authority for these services checked 47.7 million passengers out in the period 2010-2011, and the figure can be incremented to 69.5 millions for biennium 2020-2021 despite cuts in allocation of financial resources to such federal entity.