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Mexico mayor dragged through streets

Reading time 1 min     Christian Fernsby ▼ | October 10, 2019
Several people in Chiapas, Mexico have been arrested for possible connection to an attack on a mayor who was tied to a truck and dragged through the streets.
Mexico city
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Local media is reporting that a group of about 50 farmers forcefully broke into the office of Las Margaritas’ Mayor Jorge Luis Escandon Hernandez. They then allegedly kidnapped Escandon Hernandez and later dragged him through the streets of Santa Rita, a small town in the municipality of Las Margaritas, located in southern Mexico.

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Several people were injured during the incident, according to local media. Police later rescued the mayor.

“In an immediate manner, he was rescued and was found safe and sound,” said Attorney General of Chiapas Jorge Luis Llaven Abarca in a Twitter video.

The farmers reportedly attacked the mayor for not fulfilling campaign promises, including fighting poverty in the region. Local police have arrested 11 suspects. Videos of the attack circulate on social media.

The most widely-shared video shows the mayor being dragged by his hand with a rope attached to the truck. It appears to be the same truck from an earlier video of the mayor being kidnapped from his office.





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