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Mexico approves $380 million for elections in 2018

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Staff Writer | August 19, 2017
The national Council of the National Electoral Institute (INE) preliminarily approved 6.8 billion and 900,000,023 pesos ($380 million) to finance the nine political forces registered for the elections next year.
Mexico street
LatAm   The nine political forces
This number includes additional funds for the electoral process. Besides, 42.963,332 pesos ($2,500,000) were allocated for the presidential candidates' campaign.

According to experts, these amounts, represent a 32-percent increase, compared to public financing granted to parties in 2012. This time, nine parties will present candidates.

The most important allocations were granted to the governing Institutional Revolutionary Party, with 1.7 billion and 987,546 pesos ($100 million) and National Action Party, with 1.3 billion and 493,265 pesos ($76 million).

Those allocations also include the Party of the Democratic Revolution, with 799,059,334 pesos ($45,500,000) and the National Regeneration Movement, with 661,664,687 pesos (around $38 million).

The campaign expenditure is included in the those amounts.