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Mexican businessman offers to buy presidential plane

Staff Writer | August 26, 2018
A Mexican businessman is offering to buy the president's plane and use it as a "taxi," local media reported.
Gustavo Jimenez Pons
LatAm   The jetliner is valued at $220 million
Gustavo Jimenez Pons landed at President-elect Andres Manuel Lopez Obradors' office Thursday with an offer to buy the 300-seat Boeing 787 with $99 million, the newspaper Reforma reported.

Lopez Obradors, who won a landslide victory in elections in July, said he would never use the plane, calling it a wasteful luxury.

He will assume the presidency on Dec. 1.

The businessman said he wants to use the aircraft as a taxi for "presidents of other countries who do not have private planes, or rock groups like the Rolling Stones."

The jetliner was purchased in 2016 by outgoing President Enrique Pena Nieto, and is valued at $220 million, according to local media reports.