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Medical staff from Ukraine and Belarus might be hired to deal with staff shortages in Latvia

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Staff Writer | March 4, 2019
Even after a pay raise, Latvia’s large hospitals and ambulance service are still short of medical staff, Ilze Aizsilniece, the head of the Latvian Medical Association, said in an interview to LNT TV channel this morning, citing LETA.
Latvia hospital
Europe   The problem might be dealt with by importing medical employees
Aizsilniece believes that the problem might be dealt with by importing medical employees from Ukraine and Belarus who might quickly learn basic Latvian and work in Latvia’s healthcare institutions. Since our medical nurses are leaving Latvia to work in Norway and Germany, we might consider hiring employees from our neighbor countries, said Aizsilniece.

Aizsilniece, who is a family physician, continued to criticize the e-health system, saying that it is not working anyway and that it would make more sense to scrap it and develop a new one instead.