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Lopez Obrador backs arrival of cruise ship in Mexico rejected in other countries

Christian Fernsby ▼ | February 28, 2020
President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador approved the arrival in Mexico of a cruise ship that was denied entry to other countries because it carried on board a person suspected of having Wuhan coronavirus.
Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador
Health in Mexico   Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador
In the press conference in the National Palace, the president, in response to a question on the subject, said that there is no tourist on board with Wuhan coronavirus and for humanism, passengers will not be prevented from getting off the ship.

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Tourists on the Meraviglia cruise ship, which is stranded off the coast of Quintana Roo, will be able to disembark on Mexican soil, announced Lopez Obrador.

'The information we have is that there are no sick people,' the president reiterated, and recalled that this cruise ship was denied arrival at two ports, but in Mexico instructions were given to carry out an inspection so that they could be in the country, complying with health regulations.

We can not reject those who transit through the country, he added, and there is already a review protocol on the cruise.

'We can't act with discrimination, the rules are going to be complied with,' he concluded.

International Health Personnel began the investigation protocol on the Meraviglia cruise ship, facing the possible case that a passenger was a carrier of Wuhan coronavirus, reported Alejandra Aguirre, Health Secretary of Quintana Roo.

Really everything seems to indicate that the sick person has not contracted the dangerous virus.