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Libya’s GNA scraps peace talks after attack on ship ‘loaded with weapons’ in Tripoli

Christian Fernsby ▼ | February 19, 2020
The Government of National Accord (GNA) in Libya has suspended UN-brokered ceasefire talks with the Libyan National Army after an LNA attack on a port in the capital yesterday.
Attack in Tripoli
Life in Libya   Attack in Tripoli
“Today there was a renewed violation of the truce with the targeting of civilian facilities in the capital,” the GNA said in statement, adding “we hereby suspend our participation in the military talks that are taking place in Geneva until a firm stand is taken against the aggressor and their violations.”

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The attack which the LNA says targeted a Turkish vessel carrying weapons came after renewed negotiations started up in Geneva earlier on Tuesday. Ankara confirmed the ship was fired upon but said it was not hit, however the GNA insists the Tripoli port is used solely for humanitarian purposes and that no Turkish ship was docked there.

Libya's UN-recognized government denied the presence of any Turkish ship at Tripoli's port which was bombed by militias of renegade commander Khalifa Haftar on Tuesday.

The Government of National Accord's Ports Directorate stated that Haftar's forces struck the Port of Tripoli with missiles on Tuesday, according to Libyan Panorama T.V. channel.