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Lebanon thwarted smuggling of 25 tonnes of hashish

Christian Fernsby ▼ | April 11, 2020
Lebanon’s General Directorate of Internal Security Forces announced on Friday that it had intercepted the largest drug smuggling operation in the history of Lebanon, after thwarting the smuggling of 25 tonnes of hashish through the port of Beirut to an African country.
Port of Beirut
Lebanon   Port of Beirut
According to the directorate’s statement, after a three-month follow-up, the Central Anti-Narcotics Office of the Judicial Police Unit: “Seized a convoy of eight trucks that were heading to the Beirut harbour campus, containing thousands of nylon bags filled with agricultural soil.”

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After the inspection of the containers at the port on 24 March, large quantities of hashish were seized, weighing approximately 25 tonnes, which were professionally packed inside bags, according to the statement.

The directorate explained that the seized quantity, which was on its way to an African country that the security forces did not name, is considered the: “Largest in the history of Lebanon, and it was ready and prepared to be traded, promoted, sold and smuggled abroad.

An investigation is being carried out under the supervision of the concerned judiciary, and work is ongoing to arrest those involved.”