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Leave your car dirty in Dubai, pay $136

Christian Fernsby ▼ | July 22, 2020
Dubai Municipality reminded the residents not to leave their vehicles in a way that distorts the general appearance of the city.
Dubai street
Dirty   Dubai street
The civic body reminded residents that dirty and damaged vehicles or the ones obstructing the city’s cleaning operations will lead to the owners losing them.

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“#DubaiMunicipality asks everyone to maintain public safety and notifies them not to leave their vehicles in a way that distorts public appearance, such as a dirty and damaged vehicle or one that is obstructing city cleaning, which may lead to losing it. #We_Are_All_Responsible,” said the tweet.

Dubai Municipality had introduced a new system of SMS notification to help motorists get quick alerts to remove their dirty or abandoned cars and also to avoid disputes in certain cases.

It is learnt that the Waste Management Department of the municipality started cracking down on dirty and abandoned cars. Cars left dirty can be fined Dh500 under the ‘My Vehicle’ campaign of the Waste Management Department of Dubai Municipality.