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Kim Jong Un rejects face mask shipment

Christian Fernsby ▼ | September 18, 2020
Despite being in high demand, North Korean leader Kim Jong Un has sent a massive shipment of surgical masks back to China because they may have been manufactured in South Korea, making them illegal, according to a report.
Kim Jong Un
Face mask shipment   Kim Jong Un
Traders said they were surprised that the despot thumbed his nose at the personal protective equipment since goods smuggled in from across the border are sold openly in markets across North Korea, the Daily Express reported.

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A trader in the Chinese border city of Dandong said the masks had been kept in a North Korean warehouse for a month before being shipped back to China.

“The Chinese trader received an order from the North Korean company to send high-quality masks even if they were a little expensive,” he told Radio Free Asia, according to the Express.

“So the Chinese trader sent 15,000 KF94 masks, which are considered to be high-quality even in South Korea,” he said.

“Oddly, the masks were returned. The North Korean company’s reason for rejecting the order is that there is suspicion that the masks are not from China,” the trader added.