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Juncker: It's not our business but we can't allow independent Catalonia

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Staff Writer | October 16, 2017
European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker expressed concern about the Catalan crisis in Spain, noting that a breakup could lead to further splintering across Europe.
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“If we allow Catalonia – and it is not our business – to separate, others will do the same,” he said in a speech at Luxembourg University. “I do not want that.

“I wouldn’t like a European Union in 15 years that consists of some 98 states,” he said, alluding to the 98 major regions that the EU is composed of, according to Eurostat.

“It’s already relatively difficult with 28 and with 27 not easier, but with 98 it would simply be impossible,” he added, illustrating the fact that barely half a dozen European countries can say that they lack any kind of territorial dispute within their borders.

Juncker insisted that the Catalan crisis remains an internal issue but also unveiled that he has been pressuring the conservative Spanish leader to take decisive steps to break the impasse.