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Italy arrests Lebanese ship captain smuggling tanks to Libya

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Christian Fernsby ▼ | February 20, 2020
Authorities in northern Italy arrested the captain of a Lebanese flagged cargo ship on suspicion of international arms trafficking yesterday while they investigate if the vessel transported tanks, rockets and other weapons from Turkey to Libya.
Genoa port
Sea incident   Genoa port
The captain is under investigation for allegedly transferring military goods to Libya with as yet unidentified Turkish military officials in violation of a United Nations arms embargo, Italian prosecutor Francesco Pinto told The Associated Press.

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Italian authorities launched their probe based on allegations a crew member made after the cargo ship arrived in the port city of Genoa earlier this month.

The cargo ship, the Bana, turned up on the radar of French authorities not long before it reached Genoa on February 2. The French aircraft carrier Charles de Gaulle shadowed the vessel in late January.

The Lebanese crew member who blew the whistle in Italy alleged that tanks and other vehicles that could be used for military purposes were loaded onto the Bana at a Turkish port and then transported to Tripoli, the Libyan capital.