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Iraq stops Iranian fuel tankers at Parvizkhan border

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Christian Fernsby ▼ | April 3, 2020
Governor of Qasr-e Shirin said on Thursday that Iraq does not permit Iranian fuel tankers which had entered through Parvizkhan Border to unload their cargo.
Iraq trucks
Tankers   Iraq trucks
Speaking to IRNA, Morad Ali Tatar said the fuel tankers which entered Iraq through Parvizkhan Border about a week ago, were stopped there due to the outbreak of coronavirus and cannot unload their shipment in Sulaymaniyah.

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He added that Iran Road Maintenance and Transportation Organization, Qasr-e Shirin Governorate, Parvizkhan Customs, Kermanshah governorate and Iranian consulate in Sulaymaniyah are pursuing the issue.

He went on to say that about 1,000 trucks carrying export products are sent to Iraq through Parvizkhan Border every day.

Drivers of fuel trucks have released video clips and requested help from the Iranian officials to consult with Iraqi side to solve the issue

The drivers are worried about their health due to inappropriate health conditions at the Iraqi border.