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Iran protecting Europe: 3,800 Iranians killed, 12,500 injured in fight with drugs traffickers

Christian Fernsby ▼ | February 22, 2020
The head of Iran's Anti Narcotics Police said in a press conference in Rome that Iran is a strong barrier against the flow of narcotics to Europe.
Massoud Zahedian
Drugs in Europe   Massoud Zahedian
Brigadier General Massoud Zahedian, who is in Rome to attend an international conference on drug trafficking with 56 other countries, elaborated on Iran's efforts to fight against drug traffickers.

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"More than 3,800 Iranians have been killed and 12,500 others have been injured in the fight with drug traffickers," he said.

Zahedian said that the production of narcotics has had a 35-fold in Afghanistan after the U.S. and its western allies occupied the poor country, i.e. it has reached 6,400 tons from 185 tons.

He pointed to the oppressive US sanctions on Iran, adding that over 814 tons, from which 13.5 tons were amphetamine, have been discovered. They could have caused a catastrophe in Europe.

Zahedian said that the discoveries have been appreciated by the Europeans, but due to the U.S. sanctions, Iran has not been able to receive or even buy the necessary equipment.

The U.S. sanctions have in practice helped the terrorists and limited Iran in fighting with them, he said.

He said the 2,000 kilometers of borders in the east and 1,700 kilometers of borders in the south can be a good path for the drug traffickers. Monitoring the long border needs equipment, which has been limited by the West and the U.S.