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India store sells face masks for $5,320

Christian Fernsby ▼ | July 11, 2020
A jewellery store in Surat, India is selling face masks adorned with diamonds worth Rs 4 lakh ($5,320).
Expensive   Deepak Choksi got the idea of making masks after a customer placed an order
The masks are layered with lines of jewels in several patterns.

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Deepak Choksi, the owner of the jewellery store, said that he got the idea of making diamond masks after a customer placed an order for it.

"A customer came to our showroom recently and bought jewellery for his wedding that is scheduled in the near future. He also asked us to make a mask for him that he will wear during the ceremony at the mandap. We discussed the plan with our designer and he selected a mask, and also purchased it after we customised it for him," Deepak Choksi said.

Deepak Choksi also said that the jewels from the masks can be reused later to make necklaces and bracelets. "N-95 masks have been used to make it. Masks are washable. People should look at it like an investment. In the future, you can make a necklace, and other jewellery with the jewels from the masks. You can reuse it," he added.