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Hungary: Those who want Europe with mixed population will lose elections

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Staff Writer | December 25, 2017
On Kossuth Radio, Prime Minister Viktor Orbán said that Hungary will face further attacks because those who want mandatory resettlement quotas in Europe will continue their efforts next year.
Viktor Orbán
Europe   The Prime Minister thanked the 2.3 million people
The Prime Minister thanked the 2.3 million people who took part in the National Consultation, pointing out that their opinions have lent extra weight to Hungary’s position.

Mr. Orbán added that he has not yet convinced others in Europe, and retention of the quotas is still supported by the same number of leaders, who will argue for this again at the summit in March.

The Prime Minister noted that the only gain has been in terms of time, but “those who gain time gain life”. Forces seeking to restrict immigration have won almost all of Europe’s elections in recent months, he pointed out, adding that he expects this trend to continue: those who want Europe to have a mixed population and who believe that the way forward is the abolition of Christian societies are losing ever more ground in national elections.

He said that “We must hold on until Western Europeans follow the Central Europeans by becoming strong enough to use their democratic institutions, their elections, to force their leaders to pursue a policy which rejects immigration – a policy which reflects the people’s will”.

Mr. Orbán spoke about the decision of the Visegrád countries to provide significant financial assistance to Italy so that it can detain migrants at its sea borders.

According to all reports, he said, tens of millions of people – primarily in Africa – will set off, and one of their routes will lead to Europe through Italy. He pointed out that this route must be blocked; if we fail to protect Italy, we cannot protect Europe.

Referring to the recent triggering of the EU’s Article 7 process, Mr. Orbán stated that if someone attacks Poland, they attack the whole of Central Europe.

The Prime Minister stressed that it is also in the best interest of Hungary to act in solidarity with the Polish people, and to make it clear that they may not be subjected to punishment of any kind.

Mr. Orbán described the European Union’s procedure as unfair and unjust, pointing out that without Poland there is no strong Central Europe.