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Hong Kong police use rubber bullets against no retreat protesters

Christian Fernsby ▼ | June 12, 2019
Violent clashes broke out in Hong Kong as police tried to stop protesters storming the city’s parliament, as tens of thousands took to the streets in a show of strength against government plans to allow extraditions to China.
Hong Kong police use rubber bullets
Asia   Hong Kong police use rubber bullets
Police used rubber bullets, tear gas, pepper spray and batons to disperse crowds of demonstrators calling for authorities to scrap the Beijing-backed law.

There were reports that one of the people who had been shot had sustained a head injury.

Protesters “must stop the violence”, police chief Stephen Lo said, warning residents to stay away from a “riot situation”.

He confirmed police were using rubber bullets, claiming that if officers had not used the bullets “protesters would have used metal bars to stab our colleagues”.

Asked if the police would ask the Chinese army to help, he said: “Definitely not, at this stage.”